Writing An Online Dating Profile

Reading the hopelessly ridiculous profiles posted by many online daters can provide hours of entertainment. If however, you are one of the ones trying to script a profile, you may not find it so funny. Writing an online dating profile that is genuine and honest, without being over the top or leaving yourself sounding like an arrogant stiff can be a

challenge. If you are struggling with what to say, here are a few, simple tips that may help you organize your thoughts.

Whether it’s a video profile or a written one, decide before hand exactly how you want to portray yourself. This can be hard, and is a common mistake. As hard as you may try, you can’t squeeze everything about you into a two-minute video or a 750-word profile. You will just come across as scatter brained. Instead, pick one trait or interest and go with it. Remember, your online dating profile isn’t designed to make people fall in love with you; it is just a tool to help you meet people who you might fall in love with down the road. Save all of the minuscule details of your life for late night talks over coffee. Don’t try to stuff them all in your profile.

Remember that antics will only get you so far. Many online daters feel the need to make their profile stand out from the myriad of others by including zany or outlandish stunts or diatribes. While this may garner a lot of hits to your profile, it probably won’t win you a lot of quality dates. Just be true to yourself and people will read your profile. You may not register as many hits, but the one’s that you get will be quality hits, not just people stopping by your profile because they heard that it was a good laugh.

The biggest mistake that people make when writing an online dating profile is not being honest. Making up fun facts or trivia about yourself and thinking that you’ll tell the truth later on down the road will only lead to disaster. You may actually find someone that you like, only to lose them when they find out that you aren’t who you said that you were. If people aren’t interested in the real you, then you don’t want to be with them anyway.

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