Online Dating Profile Picture Tips for Men

Guys, choosing your online dating profile pictures is very important, it can make the difference between getting a response or not. Follow these tips when choosing your main online dating photo, I will post another article later with tips for choosing your supporting photos.

Choosing Good Photos

Choose two or three great photos as your main photos. You want to have more then just one photo of yourself which clearly shows what you look like, because photography can be deceptive and girls want to see you from a few angles. If you don’t show enough, she might pass you by because she might feel like you’re hiding something.

Actually, there are a couple reasons for having more then one clear close up (main- photo-worthy) photo. Because you’re going to rotate your main profile photo every couple of days. This will get your profile more clicks, more views, because different photos will be better at catching the attention of different girls. The girl who didn’t click your profile when using one photo, may click it when using a different photo. So you’re going to be mixing it up among a few main photos.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words… well in online dating, it may be worth either getting the date, or not. So many men online make so many mistakes when when choosing their online dating profile photos that just TURN A WOMAN OFF.

Choosing your Main Photo

Your main photo should be clear and appealing at a small size because it’s going to only be seen at a very small size until a woman clicks to view your profile up close.

The strength of your main photo (especially how appealing it looks at a small size) will determine how much your profile gets viewed. It’s very important to take this to heart when choosing your main photo. It HAS to look GOOD at a small size. It has to make her want to click further to read your profile. If you don’t use a profile photo that she will feel curious to click… all the profile writing that you do won’t count for much!

Really cannot emphasize the importance of choosing a great main profile photo, again, that looks good at small size.

Angle and lighting play a large part in the appeal of your photo. Choose a photo which is crisp and in focus. It should slow you clearly (only you, not your buddies) and it should feature your most attractive angle.

Keep in mind that lighting is a very important element in creating an attractive photo and there are many photographic tricks to produce attractive photography using lighting, so play around, figure it out, and use GOOD lighting to your advantage.

Here is something to keep in mind. Our eyes don’t see physical matter. Our eyes see the light which is bouncing off of physical matter. How important is good lighting in photography? You wouldn’t be able to see at all with out it.

Guys, there is nothing wrong with using a professional photo for your main profile photo if you really need to. It’s better then using a bad main profile photo. But I suggest using your camera on auto-timer or seeking the help of a friend to try to capture a pleasant looking photo of yourself that will look both natural and appealing.

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